HW1.2: Draft Participation Rubric

Prompt: Write a draft of your Network Participation Rubric.

Response: You can find a template for the rubric here. Below is mine — I struggled with it for a bit and the one below isn’t the one I originally came up with. Clearly it will continue to change over the semester. It’s a bit weird not to be told exactly what to do, and having to be introspective and honest about how I want to take charge of my learning, but I already find myself thinking about how I might use this self-assessment to shape how I teach in the future.

Personal Compass (describe your personal learning objectives for the course)

  • Research the historical intersection between social learning (Dewey) and processes of social inclusion (Ambedkar, Gandhi et al)
  • Use this research to inform reconciliation-based learning in Building Bridges
  • Share these techniques with educators engaging in similar arts-based learning and teaching

Participation Commitments (briefly describe the type and frequency of activities that you will commit to doing)

  • I will write a weekly blog post that responds to a salient point made in the readings and/or in class on social inclusion, equity, and/or education design
  • I will participate in weekly Twitter chats using #mitmassive, both amplifying content shared by classmates and sharing my own
  • I will create an annotated bibliography that hopes to serve as a useful resource for educators for social inclusion, whether online or via other platforms

Participation Rubric

Describe a few criteria that you’d like to evaluate yourself on, and be evaluated on by the instructional team. Define what it would look like if you met your personal expectations, if you fell short, and if you did totally awesome. While some of these metrics may be quantitative (I will do X at least Y times), most should qualitatively describe your desired learning and impact.

Criteria Exceeds Expectation Meets Expectation Underperforms Expectation
Create meaningful content on blog each week 2+ posts per week; includes additional content; generates dialogue beyond class 1 post per week; responds to class and readings, engages class <1 post per week; no engagement
Create annotated bibliography (to be shared through blog) Draws direct links between academic research (on int’l dev in S. Asia) and arts ed for social inclusion Generates solid understanding of Dewey’s influence on Ambedkar, Gandhi and others Does not provide meaningful ideas for academic or arts-based work
Engage with class on social media Engage with content and amplify class content on multiple channels incl. blogs Engage with class on Twitter regularly Minimal engagement


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